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more than an executive production company

Who we are

Baltimore Films is an independent production house, founded in 2014. Baltimore creates commercials and branded content for all screens. 

Baltimore is more than an executive production company. We have the creative power on board to interpret and elaborate on concepts, as well as fully develop our own. Baltimore loves the search for the right way to tell a story or portray a company. And in doing so, we prefer to deviate from the ordinary.

Since 2022, Baltimore has also been making non-branded content, being docu and human interest. This new focus came about because we believe in the power of film to change things and achieve goals.

Want to know more? Call us. You’ll like us. 

Founder / Ex. Producer

Jonas Poeckens

Founder / Ex. Producer

Kwinten Bergé


Charlotte Pieters

Post-production & AC

Sarah-Marie Ingelaere

Production Assistant

Liesje Hoeijmans

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